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The "birthers" who say President Obama is not a US citisen, are reflecting a grave loss of integrity at the highest levels of US politics.  For example, the Bush campaign defeated John McCain in the South Carolina 2000 Republican primary by falsely suggesting he had fathered a black child.  McCain could not correct the lie in time.

Yes, there’s a lavishly funded industry pushing stories Obama is a Kenyan-born Nazi Muslim planning to euthanize seniors while putting them in concentration camps. Why do people believe this stuff?. But Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and all the others wouldn’t succeed without a receptive audience. So what makes that audience so receptive?


A lot of Madoff's scam probably involved  affinity fraud: Madoff’s victims, largely affluent Jews, trusted him in large part because he seemed like one of them.  The peddlers of the lies about Obama’s birth certificate are managing to convince a certain kind of American — white, socially conservative, etc. — that the hate-mongers are people like them; and, even more important, that those seeking health care reform are not people like them.


Obama’s skin color makes this easy;   And anti-intellectualism is also part of it. 

In any case, it’s scary: you’ve got a good segment of the American population that is completely impervious to any kind of evidence, any rational argument.  [" Bernie Madoff and the Birthers", Paul Krugman, Aug 12, 2009, New York Times]


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